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I have the HAF 912 case, with 2 120mm intake fans in the front w/ dust covers, and 2 120mm outtake fans on the top and side. I also have a water cooling system for my CPU, with a fan outtake on the back. I got my system from CyberPowerPC about 3 months ago and was wondering since the water cooling system isn't really the best, and neither are the fans, should I replace them? Also, is this a good orientation of the fans so there won't be any pockets of air? I would like to upgrade it because my temps have been kind of high when idling, like around 40C. I also could replace the 2 120mm intake with 1 200mm, and change one outtake to a 200mm.

I have an I-5 2500K, GTX 570 overclocked, and 8 GBs of RAM.

Thanks for any help.
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  1. My GPU idles at 40C and CPU idles around 30C
  2. 40C at idle on an i5 isn't an issue but it is high for water-cooling. You may need to reseat the heatsink on the CPU? The temps will vary with many factors including ambient temp. The full load temp is what you should look at. As long as it's OK on both the CPU and GPU you really have no need to change fans - unless of course you just want to change fans.
  3. Moving this to the watercooling forum for you.

    What kind of WC setup came with that? Some kind of closed loop cooler?
  4. Thank you, rubix

    The max temp for the CPU is 53C, as for the GPU 72C. It came with the asetek 510LC. Any thoughts?

    Also, since there are only 2 120mm intake fans and 3 outtake, could I switch the side fan to intake? Would I need a dust filter? Is it better to have more intake fans or outtake?

    I was thinking on replacing all of the fans, and upgrading two of them to a 140mm and 200mm...
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    Switching the side fan to pull cool air in is a decent can add a filter if you wish, but it will drop your CFM by causing restriction. I'd say just flip it and see what kind of results you get, first.

    I was thinking on replacing all of the fans, and upgrading two of them to a 140mm and 200mm...

    To be honest, this is likely the best route to take and think of including push/pull fans for the radiator on the LCS cooler as well. Improving airflow is always a good step toward any cooler performing better, regardless if it is air, water or some form of combination.
  6. So, just add another push fan on the back of the radiator? No need to get a new water cooling system?
  7. I'd recommend running 2 fans on the radiator before telling you to upgrade to anything else. To be honest, I would only suggest a step into the Rasa kits if anything...not another LCS cooler.

    If you get another fan, make sure both are blowing the same should push air into the rad, the other should pull air out.
  8. I'll definitely add another fan, this is my first water-cooled build so I don't know it all yet. What is LCS and Rasa? And why is Rasa better?
  9. LCS is the classification we use for close loop coolers like Asetek, Corsair, etc. They have the block/pump and hoses to the small radiator and really don't have any user-serviceable components (which doesn't necessarily stop anyone from modding them).

    Rasa is an actual first step into a watercooling as a beginner loop that actually performs pretty well. Here is an example of the RS360 kit:
  10. Thank you, you've been very helpful rubix.
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  12. No problem...let us know how it goes...come back and post results or if you have more questions.
  13. Would it be possible to water cool my GTX 570 HD and my CPU through one system? If it's possible how much would I need to invest? For some reason I got the CPU down to a max temp of 48C, but I can't get the GPU below 70C, not even at full load it's around 73C...
  14. 70C is very common for a GPU at load temps...that's normal. However, with watercooling it's likely you'd see mid 40's C depending on delta for your loop. It's a matter of priority to you, budget, space concerns, etc. A GPU block will run you $50 (for a universal block+$12 RAMsinks) or ~$100 for a full cover GPU block. You really should (very) strongly consider additional radiators when adding a GPU.
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