Triple monitor pcie + pci

my mobo asus p5ql pro has 1 pcie slot and 2 pci slots
i have a 9600gt with two monitors
can i get a crappy pci video card for a third?

From this article I believe the only requirement is that both gpu's use the same driver:

If this is true then I need a card that uses the nvidia forceware whql driver like my 9600gt does.

Would this work:

Or could you please help me find something that will.

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  1. Yes, you can get a Nvidia PCI card and use both.
    Performance on the PCI card would not be that great. Sufficient for web browsing.
    Sorry can't view your link.
  2. Thank you. The third monitor is only needed for simple daily stuff. I will use the 9600gt monitors for games. I decided to go with this:
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