Crossfire D' 4890's Wont got at x16

I have a MSI 790FX-GD70 that is supposedly capable of 2 slots @16x or 4 slots @8x, but when i throw 2 xoc'd diamond 4890's they are listed in gpu-z as 8x, both.... i know it prolly wont make much of a diff. but i'd like stuff i spend money on to work.

2 4890's XOC 925/1050
150gb VelociRaptor
640gb WD 16mb cache
kingwin 750w Modular PSU
AMD Phenom II 955 @ 3.4
MSI 790FX-GD70 Mobo
Cooler Master Scout Case
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  1. Are you sure they are in the right slots? That might throw it off if they aren't both in the x16 slots.

    And yeah you won't take much of a hit if they are both at 8x if any noticeable one.
  2. I'd think so, the first two, but i read somewhere it should auto arrange anyways, well geuss a manual will just confirm lol
  3. well, you're right, different slots render x16 but i think it looks cooler right next to eachother so i might keep it that way lol
  4. Your not going to hurt it really. I doubt your losing more then 5 fps if at that. You can just test it both ways and see if you think your losing to much but no cards use up the full x16 anyways.
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