New motherboard not powering up

I recently attempted to replace the motherboard on my laptop because the integrated graphics on the original mobo went out.

I recieved the new motherboard and I removed the processor and other components successfully from the old, put it in the new mobo, put thermal paste where it was needed (some did use thermal pads, which I cleaned, and were in good shape) and put the whole laptop back together.

I followed the instructions to the letter provided by HP in Chapter 5 of this PDF:

When I tried to power it on, the fan for the heatsink came on, and a few LEDs came on, but noting else. So I took the WHOLE think apart again, and found out I didn't "seat" the processor: it was just sitting on the socket without being "clicked" in. So I seated it, attached everything put it back to gether, and now when I try to turn it on, I get no response. If I hold the computer up to my ear, I can hear a high pitched whining "electric" sound, but no LEDs or fans or nothing.

SO I tooked it apart again (3rd time) made sure the power was plugged in to the mobo, and the fans were plugged in to the mobo. I m pretty sure I put a good amount of paste on the cpu and gpu and anything that didn't have a thermal pad too. and tried again. Nothing.

Now, I'm trying to troubleshoot what would keep the computer from not booting up at all. Did I miss something? At least the first time the fan came on.

this may seem stupid, but if the small li-ion backup watch battery were dead, would that prevent the computer from starting up? Please help!
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  1. The laptop should start even with a dead board battery. You may have a power supply problem. I would change that next or rma the board back to the source.
  2. I think the board is getting power because I found out if I plug the battery in, and plug the AC adapter in, the small "charging" LED light comes on, but that is the ONLY response I'm getting.
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