* i7 Build Acting Up, Gigabyte UD4P *

I just finished building my rig, but I have run into problems, here are the specs to start...
I7 920 w/ TRUE
Gigabyte UD4P Mobo
6gb Corsair Dominator CAS 8 Tri Channel RAM
Antec P183 Case
Antec CP850w PSU
Samsung F1 Spinpoint 640GB 16mb buffer
I freshly formatted with OEM Vista 64bit

Now here is the "problem"...very often when i poweron/restart/exit bios, the whole computer shuts down for 1-2 sec...and powers itself back on. It also makes a strange clicking noise when it shuts off/powers on, I also have no posting noise, it doesn't beep whatsoever which I find very strange. Could it just be the sound of my PSU and a PSU/mobo function when it restarts?
After it does that, I have no problems using the comp, functions fine...but one time I powered it on, it said bios checksum error or something like that, and I ended up restarting and booting the OS with "last known working configuration", it ended up uninstalling the drivers I had just installed.
Brand new comp, hope there's nothing wrong with it! Built it myself, so doubting my competency a little even though it works...Thanks in advance!
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  1. You should check your RAM settings in the BIOS. Make sure everything is adjusted correctly. This symptom happens when the BIOS settings fail and the the BIOS resets to default. Don't worry about the clicking. It's just the SU doing what it does.
  2. thanks! but can u clarify what i'm looking for in the RAM settings?
    i'm a nooboobie
  3. You are checking to confirm that the RAM voltage and timings match the requirements as listed.

    If you like, download CPU-Z and run it. take a screenshot of each tab and post those here. This will tell us much of what we need to know.
  4. anyone? :(
  5. blehhhhhhh
  6. Blehh indeed :) People need to sleep sometimes ya know :) And when they wake up they don't want to get eyestrain :lol:

    How to get a screen shot I can read:

    1. Open up CPU-Z and got to the first tab.

    2. Press the "Print Screen" key on your keyboard. This may involve using the shift key also.

    3. Open up a fresh document in MS Paint.

    4. Under Edit, select Paste.

    5. Use the box tool to select JUST the area of the CPU-Z program

    6. Select crop from the menu.

    7. Save

    repeat for the other tabs.
  7. haha true, sorry i was very antsy and was up all night installing/tinkering.
    right now it appears it only turns off after i exit bios..turns off for a few sec, and turns back on with no problems. pretty weird still!
    and there is still no boot up noise.

    thanks for ur help :DDD appreciate it
  8. Ok I think maybe we can fix this simply.

    Go to the first item in your BIOS, the Motherboard Intelligent Tweaker (MIT)

    Find the item that says Extreme Memory Profile (XMP) and enable it.

    Save the settings and exit.
  9. unfortunately it didn't work :(
    saved bios settings and instantly powered down right after...and started up in a few secs like it always does.
    i guess it's not a problem...unless it's somehow dmging my system without me knowing?
  10. It's not hurting anything, but it is a problem. Can you tell me what the memory tab says now?

    Just the frequency and CAS.
  11. it's not visible in the pics above? :(
  12. It should have changed since you made that change in the BIOS. If not, then that's what I need to know.
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