A good choice for a wireless g router?

To start things off I would like to thank whoever reads this for their time. Your help and input is much appreciated.

Well, I dont know much about wireless networking so I need help with a decision I have to make. I currently have a linksys wrt110 wired to my main computer and wirelessly connected to a laptop and to a 360 which is about 3 rooms estimated 80 feet away from the router. The connection to the main computer is wired so its all good and fast, but the connectivity to the laptop is slow and I also experience lag when I am playing the 360. I want to add another computer to the system which will be pretty much next to the 360.

So my question is which wireless g router should I go with (under $100)? I was thinking about the linksys wrt54gl, but would that be much better than the wrt110?

Oh, and while I'm asking that question; what would a good wireless adapter be for the computer I want to add to the network?

Newegg is my preffered site of purchase btw.
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    Though I'm personally no expert and new to wireless, also, I have gotten the opinion of an IT professional, who networks a large work community, various ways. LinkSys and NetGear equipment are top of his list. I know LinkSys is a subsidiary of Cisco. How much more network expertise can you get than that?! Anyway, these two names come up a lot on the web of people who are most happy with their equipment, also. (It's hard to nail these things, sometimes, because there are always people who hate any brand.) Hope this helps, realizing knowing, with your 360, you may have need of some real juice, which I can’t offer any detailed knowledge of. But I was thinking, if Cisco can't do it right, who can?
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  3. Funny that you should say that because I actually wound up getting a wrt400n, its great. :)

    Thanks for your input.

    I just need to get a network adapter (n of course along with the microsoft n adapter)
  4. Great! I borrowed a LinkSys to troubleshoot some wireless problems I was having, and it worked very well, had two antennae, was flawless, I think my D-Link wireless adapter the most flaky. I was reading somewhere that, in such equipment, the chipset is largely the same, brand to brand, so it all comes down to how well engineered the overall unit is. One thing I've learned, over the years, to watch out for, is any equipment a lot of people are reporting as "running hot." Some off brands, especially, aren't well engineered for heat dissipation or have inefficient power circuitry. But you're quite welcome for the input, and I'm glad the LinkSys is working for you.
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