Hyper 212 Plus two fan placement.

So I am receiving my Hyper 212 Plus HSF today and I want to use two fans with it. Now how should the placement or airflow of the fans go? Should i have one end push air to the heatsink and the fan on the other side pull air through the heatsink, or should i have one push and the other one push as well, OR should i have them both pulling air.

I dont know if im right but i think one pushing air and the other side pulling would be the best option but would that cause a problem if the fans are not at the same exact RPM? And also would it cause one fan to slow the other fan down due to turbulence? What are your thoughts? All opinions are greatly appreciated.
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  1. if you want two fans on it - i would do one push, one pull. But with a heatsink like this - it wouldn't matter adding that second fan. If anything, i would just get just one fast fan on it. To make a heat sink cool down, you want the maximum amount of air flowing through it as fast as possible. By placing a fan on the other side of the heatsink, you could possibly be restricting some airflow on parts of the heatsink (even though it's pulling air out of it). You will probably need to do some trial and error testing to see whats best. I will say though, stacking fan on top of each other doesn't do anything :)

    I would use that second fan as an exhaust fan for your case.. get that heat out of there!
  2. I see your point about the 2nd fan restricting airflow, I figured it would increase the velocity of the airflow by adding the 2nd fan as 1 push 1 pull.

    PS: I cant fit anymore exhaust fans in the case!
  3. With pull/push fan setup at that close of a distance, the increase in airflow is negligible. If you think about it for a second. If fan#1 is pushing 30cfm and fan #2 is also pulling 30cfm, the total cfm's isnt going to be 60. At best, it will be like ~35 if that.. Fan#2 can only pull out what Fan#1 puts in. The best thing to increase cooling on the processor is to vent the exhaust out of the PC as quick as possible. If your PC case heats up - then your just cooling your processor with hot air.
  4. I see your point and it does make perfect sense. Using two fans will have a an increase in CFM that is negligible, Instead maybe i should build another port in the case for an intake fan to blow cold air onto the cpu. Basically using two fans on heatsink with push/pull setup is meaningless?
  5. 1 push and the other one as pull, that's the way for a push/pull configuration.
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    I have that heatsink with the fan that comes with it. I added another fan for push pull and noticed a 3c improvement at best. The fan that comes with it actually does a really good job, even compared to other high cfm fans. If I knew it was only gong to be 2 to 3c better I wouldn't have bothered, but I have it on so I might as well leave it,lol. Here's the fan that comes with it
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