What is the best I can use on this mobo?

So I have this mobo Intel D945PLRNL. I want to know what is the best CPU I can use and the best video card(with as much as possible ram for games) and ofcourse how much Ram can I use on it. Thanks.
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  1. http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/d945plrn/sb/CS-026634.htm

    the Pentium D 960

    this processor isn't really worth it though it will overheat a lot and it will be slow compared to todays processors

    the best graphics card you can use on that is probably domething like a radeon HD 47xx or an NVIDIA 9800 GTX
  2. cant it use hd48xx? agree with the pentium d 960, and max ram this mobo can use is 2gb...
  3. yeah but it would be bottlenecked by the CPU and the PCI-E lanes would also slow it down

    it would be better if he bought a new mobo

    and also to the OP please do your own research it took me one minute to get that link whereas it took a half hour for you to get a reply
  4. un fact even a 47xx would very slightly bottlenecked
  5. yup, that mobo is just too old for a new gc...
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