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DDR3 1600mhz only running at 800mhz in CPU-Z

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January 15, 2010 10:56:07 PM


The RAM I own (OCZ Gold) is advertised to run at 1600mhz w/ 8-8-8-24 timings. I have set the RAM to 1600mhz in BIOS, but when I look the DRAM Frequency in CPU-Z it shows it only running at 800mhz.

CPU-Z settings under Memory.

DRAM Frequency - 800mhz
FSB:D RAM - 2:8

It has my timings correct at 8-8-8-24 so I won't post those.

Row refresh cycle time (tRFC) - 88 clocks
Command Rate - 1T

I'm a little sketchy on the settings other than DRAM Frequency, and to me it looks like the RAM that I set in BIOS to run at 1600mhz is only running at 800mhz. What is going on here?



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January 16, 2010 2:14:34 AM

Don't worry... :)  Your RAM is running at 1600Mhz.

1) You set the timings in the BIOS, so no matter what a Windows program reads it, it is running at the BIOS speed.
2) In CPU-Z, you have to times your RAM frequency by two to get the actual speed. It is taking into account the multiplier, so it only shows it as half.
January 16, 2010 2:50:47 AM

October 5, 2010 8:05:09 PM

If I plug my 1600mhz ram into the 1666+ slots can I over clock it to 1666mhz?