Removing one of 2 RAID 0 setups to swap for SSD

Hey guys,

Just wondering if I can get some help here. I currently have 2 RAID 0 setups in my case. What I want to do is remove one of them to prepare for the 2 SSD drives I'm gonna setup in Raid0. Will just removing the drives mess up windows??? The 2 drives are a second win7 OS which I hardly use and even removed it from the boot manager so if I just unplug and remove the drives will that mess anything up?

Cheers and thanks :)
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    So all you are doing is disconnecting one of the two raid arrays?

    Assuming the one you are removing isn't the boot drive that Windows is on then it's just another drive. However if you've installed programs onto that raid array you've just taken offline you might run into problems. But if it's all data it should be fine.
  2. Yeah it's another raid boot drive but I don't use it and my main raid0 boot drive never needs to access it...... So is it still safe to just disconnect it?
  3. Yeah don't see why not.
  4. Disconnecting an unused array with not harm it.

    Then you can get windows setup of the SSD(makes sure they have background garbage collection or GC) array, you can just reconnect the old array and remove the old windows array if needed.

    I have moved full arrays from system to system(Intel) as well without issues.
  5. Thanks guys,

    I disconnected it and all is well. Phew, you never know with today's PC what will go wrong. I just wanted to be careful

    Thanks again :)
  6. No problem buddy! Enjoy those shiny new SDDs.
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