Geforce 9600 Gso Monitor issues

emm how do i put this, bought a factory built pc a while ago well in feb 2009, and at first i fobbed it off as it only affected a few games and I said it was my monitor in my mind, then I tried it on 2 other monitors , the problem of the monitor shutting off and the only way to return to normal is to force a reboot, i knew it wasn't my monitor then so took it to a friend who is tech savvy, he said to back up the data and install win xp in case of it being a corrupt OS however when i was moving it i found it only has a 250 watt power supply unit and nvidia says the 9600 requires a 400 watt minimum so what's the cause ? OS or Psu please tell me Psu as i don't want to nuke the hard drive
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  1. Welcome to the forums!

    You need to upgrade your power supply in order to use that card.
  2. but thats how the computer came have they acidently but a psu in thats too weak, u absolutley sure its nothing else?
  3. Look at the label on the power supply and tell us how many amps you have on the 12v rails.
  4. so are you pretty damm sure that this is the cause coz im about to spend nearly 100 quid on a part to replace and thus fix it

    what im gunna get if the psu is the cause
  5. the amps says summit like 18 yellow 17 orange and either 5 , 7 or 2 on the rest
  6. please dont let this go cold i need your help
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