260 SLI with Noctua, or 275 sli with Scythe Mugen 2?

So, as I've posted before, I'm getting an i7 system (from newegg),
and I'm making some small changes to the system.

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As the previous post shows, I was planning to go with i7 920 + 260 sli + noctua SE 1366.
However, another option is i7 920 with 275 SLI and Scythe Mugen 2.
I realized that noctua which is 40 bucks more expensive than scythe mugen, isn't probably worth it.
(Yes, I'll be OC'ing my i7 920, but I won't go for 4.0.. probably 3.8)
Is 275 SLI a wise choice, considering my Asus P6T + corsair 750TX setup?

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  1. Ur PSU/board shud be fine for gtx 275 SLI ... but how big is ur monitor? 30" @ 2560x1600 or something? even GTX 260 SLI should be fine for that resolution

    according to ur previous post ur monitor is a 21.5" 1080p monitor. A single cheap GTX 275 would be the best bet. save ur money for RV870/G300 directx 11 GPUs later this year. ebay ur GTX 275 and put all that extra money towards a blazing fast GT300. this gtx 275 should keep u more than happy at 1080p until then, ... unless ur obsessed with crysis warhead on full AA.
  2. Well wouldn't double 275 be better than most single 300 series cards?
  3. da_park91 said:
    Well wouldn't double 275 be better than most single 300 series cards?

    That is hard to say... I've heard people say that the GTX300 will be more powerful than the GTX295, so if that is the case... than no 2x GTX275's in SLI will not necessarily be better.
  4. well, high end 300 series will probably be extremely expensive when they come out so I'm not sure if I want to invest in it right away.
  5. Well, from all the benchmarks I've seen, NVIDIA > ATI in terms of performance.
    260 SLI seems as good as 4890 CF, and 275 SLI seems to beat 4890 CF, so I've
    chosen to go with nvidia for this new rig.
  6. The Noctua and Scythe are great CPU coolers, they are pretty quiet. Both are good so you jsut need to decide on the GPU's.

    PS> Just wait for overshocked to come here and reccomend the Sunbeam CCF :P
  7. Well then I'll choose the Scythe cooler, since its 40~ dollars cheaper (I guess 32 considering I have to buy arctic silver paste for scythe). I'm leaning towards 275 SLI... since 275 SLI is around 50 bucks more than 260 SLI, why not, since it'll be 10 bucks more than 260 sli with noctua.
  8. IMO I'm running with OCZ FreeZe TIM and my temps are pretty good even with a P4. You may consider that, its a bit cheaper than AS5
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