Lost connection with SSD (primary drive)

Have assembled a PC containing the following reused components:
One IDE harddisk
a mouse
a keyboard
a tablet
a cabinet

The following components were new:
Asrock 790 GX Pro
AMD Athlon II 640 Quad core Socket AM3
Sapphire Radeon HD 5770 - 1GB GDDR5 PCIe 2
OCZ SSD Onyx Series SATA II 32 GB
OCZ Platinum Low Voltage 2x2 Gb DDR3-1333
Cooler Master Elite Power 400W

The SSD is the primary drive (C:/) with the operating system (Win 7) and little else.
The problem with loss of contact with the SSD started after some use of a descriptive program (G-prog). Architects and consultants use G-prog in their work for the construction industry to create lists of items and work operations. Later lockups occurred when usin other programs - even those made by Microsoft.

Initially we found the SSD had disappeared from the bootable disk-list in BIOS. Upon restoring the drive to its proper place, the computer booted up, kept running for some time but would eventually lock up again. There were no visible system in this behaviour - it was not possible to provoke a lockup. The SSD have finally disappeared completely from all lists in BIOS and we get the following error message when attempting to start the computer: BOOTMGR missing. Press Ctrl/Alt/Del to restart.

Is the culprit a defective SSD, some quirk in the BIOS or poor communication between the two?
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  1. Could be a defective SSD. try it in a different PC, connect it via USB dock or enclosure and run a chkdsk.
  2. I have the same problem. I think it is a defective SSD SATA connection. I have a similar home-built and have intermittent problems with a missing OS warning during boot. I have watched and it appears that the SSD does not show up during post and hence unsuccessful boot. I have a generic 64GB SATA II SSD from MicroCenter. I have ordered a 64GB SATA III Crucial SSD for the replacement.
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