Can't install windows

Wow I'm having some bad luck here...

Ok so here goes...I created a 50gb partition for windows/apps/whatever and started to make a 900gb partition for whatever else. I didn't select quick format so I was like wtf-reset pc cos I didn't want to wait for hours. Now here is my problem:

My USB keyboard won't work after the POST screen. I can get into BIOS no problems, I've even taken my hard drive off the boot list, so the only option there is CD-ROM. Only problem is I can't send a keystroke to prompt the damned thing to boot from my CD. I've even created an FDISK boot CD that boots up, but again my USB mouse/keyboard won't work past the POST screen. I've had a problem similar to this in the past, which was remedied by using a PS/2 port, but I can't find any adaptors.

I'm on the verge of breaking down here lol please help me :)
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  1. omg winrar!

    Ok I found a setting in my BIOS to enable support for USB keyboard/mouse. Why this would default as disabled is beyond me, but I found my answer.

    Thanks anyways guys. Much love <3
  2. I had an MSI board like that once, what a pain.
    I keep an old PS2 keyboard around just for these purposes.
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