Clearing an old Harddrive to reinstall on new computer

I'm building a budget computer for gaming. I have all new components but I was planning to possibly re-use the hard drive from my current computer which is:
Maxtor 6Y120L0 ATA device (120gb, 7200 rpm).

My question is, would using Darik's Boot and Nuke be sufficient to clean off this hard drive and have it function as new in a new computer build? Assuming there are no flaws to the structural integrity of the hard drive, could I just run Darik's and have a clean hard drive to toss into my new budget computer without any defragging etc?

It's been sitting in an old computer and has accumulated something to the tune of 114gb of things that I just don't really need on this new computer (CD burning programs etc that I just never used in the first place).

Thanks a lot for any help or advice you guys can offer.
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  1. If it is going to be the boot drive, just install it in the computer and let Windows format it as part of the OS installation. No need to do more.
  2. Well I'm going from Windows7 32bit (currently installed) to Windows7 64bit, and really I just want to permanently delete most of the media-oriented things on this hard drive entirely and regain all of that space.

    For the sake of helping to avoid driver issues and fragmented crap that probably exists all over this hard drive and causes it to perform worse than it already is, I was wondering if DBAN would be a sufficient tool to give the hard drive a truely clean start.

    My computer use habits have changed a lot from when I first installed this hard drive on a computer like 5-6 years ago, and now. I don't need more than maybe 15gigs installed on it compared to the 114gigs currently filling it up.

    You're saying Windows formatting will clean the disk off during the OS installation? I literally want everything off of this so I can get a clean start with this harddrive and the absolute minimum installed on it that I will actually use.
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