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So I am no stranger to overclocking my 1090T I just have a few questions left for anyone willing to answer them.

First of all I have no problem getting 3.8GHz stable on my processor. That was pretty easy and temps stay under 55C under full load. That was all done with just the multiplier and some voltage tweaks. 4GHz seems to be a bit too much for my cooling solution as I need at least 1.475V to get there and my cooler just doesn't seem to cut it with the temps going over 62C and pushing 65C in many cases of running Prime95.

So my question is about overclocking with the multiplier vs. the bus speed. I am about ready to try and methodically work through some bus speed hikes to see if I can find a higher stable clock using more of a combination of bus speed and multi. Yes I do know about all of the other system components that need to be kept track of as the bus speed goes up.

The other question is can anyone tell me if they have benched multi increases vs bus speed increases. Will the latter truly create a noticeable difference when the processor speed is comparable?

I am really looking for some answers with some experience behind them. And if you need the specs they are in my sig.
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  1. Numerous folks have tested increased BUS speed vs. an unlocked CPU with multi increases - at the same speed. There is zero to no difference in performance between the two methods of achieving the increased speed for 99.99999 % of applications. In the old days when CPU designs were different, increase BUS speed showed a small performance advantage but not any more. You can test this for yourself to confirm what other folks have already seen.

    BTW, you might want a better CPU cooler than the A50. That might provide a higher CPU frequency and better return than screwing with the BUS speed?
  2. Just one to know different oc bus vs multi use bencmark sofware cinebench 11.5 you can try test and how much score cpu will you get ? You can show in your thread? it's real performance :D
  3. @ beenthere
    Sorry but i think your way off with that ive overclocked my BUS speeds and it has made a huge difference. i use prime 95 benchmarking to compare my speeds from one clock to the next keeping my cpu at the same speed (4.33) on the prime 95 site there is a chart to compare how your rig runs compared to others with the same cpu. Now explain why i sit on the top of that list using the same cpu 1090t while there are people running much higher cpu speed with the 1090t the only difference is my BUS speeds
    Even mem test shows this difference when my BUS is overclocked i almost double the threw put from the stock speed
  4. Cinebench scores: CPU 4.33 & RAM 1600 for both tests

    non overclocked BUS:
    cpu render 7.46 pts gpu 67.15 fps

    overclocked BUS:
    cpu render 7.68 pts gpu 74.68 fps
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