Defective motherboard?

So, i have just finished putting together my new computer, and the first time i started it up everything seemed to be fine, the only problem i had was the three beeps from the motherboard meaning a 64k memory error, or something of that sort. I was half expecting this, because my motherboard only supports low voltage RAM up to 1.5 volts, and mine is rated at 1.6 volts, though i was expecting to be able to at least get into the bios to fix this issue.

However, after reseating the RAM to make sure that it wasnt mistake, my computer wouldnt power up, the first few times the fans would spin for a second or two before coming to a stop, but now i get nothing.

I suspect a bad otherboard, though i wouldnt know how to go about verifying this. the light on the motheboard is on, though, which is why i am so confused. it seems like the mobo is witholding power from the rest of my components?

any help or enlightnment on this problem would be much appreciated.
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  1. Well after looking at the exhausting list of equipment you have listed? Did you follow the steps on page one of this forum
    Clear cmos, disconnect all peripherals install one piece of ram, if it starts set ram voltage to 1.6 and save to bios.
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