H55 vs P55 for a 13 530 setup?

hi! my friend is planning to get a i3 setup computer for some gaming but after picking out which parts he wants, we were caught in the dilemma of getting which mobo to choose, a H55 chipset or a P55 one, and another thing, he will be getting an ATI 4850 video card so he won't be using the i3's integrated GPU Thanks!
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  1. The H55 mobos are new and may have teething troubles. But with the P55 I don't think you get integrated graphics so the 4850 will be the main graphics card eating up 80 watts etc displaying the desktop. If you don't mind about power consumption probably go for a P55 but I have a 4850 and I'm getting integrated graphics and using the PCIe x16 slot when I want to game. Both seem to be around the same price. H55 bit cheaper.
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