Abit KV8 Pro, 1.5TB SATA Segate, Installing XP problem

Hello all,

I just got a new Segate Baracuda 1.5TB SATA Drive to replace my existing Seagate Baracuda 250GB drive.

I was having all sorts of problems trying to install Windows XP. I have since changed my CD drive from a SATA DVD burner to an IDE CDROM drive and all of the errors and crashes have gone away.

But...Windows is not recognizing the new drive during a fresh install. At the start of the installation I press F6 to add in the SATA drivers, awhile later it gets to a point where I need to press S to get the drivers from a floppy, I do that and the drivers on the floppy show up in a list. I scroll down to the VIA XP driver and select it. Then the installation continues but eventually comes to a point where it says it can't find any drives and I have to hit F3 to end the installation.

Is the HDD too big? Might it be bad?

What else can I try?

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  1. Here is the link to the MB:

    It says it supports up to 150 MB/s (1.5G bps). Is that my problem since this drive is a 3.0G bps?
  2. Well a computer geek friend of mine said it might be a problem with the 1.5TB drive and that when they came out some of them had problems with certain MB BIOSs. So I'm going to send the drive back.

    He thought a 1TB drive would work, any thoughts on what drive will work with my MB?
  3. Windows XP SP2 does not require SATA drivers to be installed at the F6 prompt.
  4. Well that didn't work. I get the same message with the 1TB drive. No drives found.

    I have XP installed on an IDE drive and when I boot to that, Window Disk Manager doesn't see the new drive either.

    Any ideas?

  5. Broke down and bought a SATA controller card, all is well.
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