Specs to play 1080p content and bluray HELP

are this specs enough to play 1080p videos and bluray

and streaming


my specs

windows 7 ultimate

amd x2 250 regor 3.00 ghz, 2000mhz, 2mb

4gb gskill 800mhz

ati radeon 3200 hd , 512mb shared

asus 23 in 1080p hdmi monitor

3mbps connection

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  1. Yes you will be fine, the CPU is good enough to handle the task and the onboard HD3200 GPU will take a load of it while processing the Blu-ray and 1080p video
  2. it might be a good idea to get a 785G motherboard instead of the 780G as it has a better GPU.

    and you won't be able to stream 1080p at a decent rate on a 3mbps connection.
  3. thanks akm 880

    and helloworld_98
  4. No problem, but however I do not know the bandwith of 1080p so I cannot be certain how fast you need your internet connection.
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