Is this good?

I am overclocking a i5-750 and i am not sure about what kind of voltage/timings i need on my ram.

i have come up with the best conclusion, this <>

It is 1.35v and the timings are very tight for ddr3, 7-7-7-21

My motherboard is an asus p7p55d just to let you guys know, does it support this kind of voltage on the ram?

all in all, would this be a very good setup to get to 4.0ghz stable on my i5-750?
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  1. I've never seen ram voltage that low. Go to gskill's website to verify it; could be a misprint. If not, then it's probably ok to run it at 1.5 volts, which is the standard. But the asus board may have voltage adjustments to run at the lower voltage. Try downloading the asus board manual if you haven't ordered yet.
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