Using Windows XP with a new system (new build)

Hey all,

I'm about to build a new gaming computer. Specs:

CPU: i5-2500k
MOBO: Asrock Extreme3 Gen3
RAM: 8GB (x2 4GB) Corsair Vengeance
GPU: Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 560
PSU: Corsair 600 Watt

Anyways, with the absurd HD prices right now, I've decided to use my old hard drive for the time being. It already has Windows XP installed on it. I'm thinking I can just use the OS as is, instead of buying a copy of Windows 7.

Right, questions. So, first off, I'm wondering if Windows XP will run okay on this new hardware. Will it run all of my games, or will XP be buggy on this new system? I'm going to buy Windows 7 eventually, but will Windows XP serve my purposes for now (gaming)?

Also, assuming I do use my pre-installed XP, is there a way for me to delete everything else on the HD?

I don't have the install disk any longer, so reinstalling isn't an option. I want to clear my system of any viruses, ect, that may be plaguing it... in other words, delete everything except the OS itself, giving me a fresh start.

BTW, I'm using SP3.
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  1. You will need 64 bit XP to use all that ram!
  2. Windows XP will crash with a BSOD as soon as you try to boot the computer.
  3. You will need a fresh clean install of XP to get it running smooth,and make sure they have all the drivers available!
  4. Whats BSOD?
  5. blue screen of death... i see. well, is there no other solution than to buy a new OS? i don't have the install disk or authorization code, so a reinstall is not possible.

    i'm considering buying windows 7 here:

    i am, however, somewhat hesitant. does that link seem legit to you guys? I remember back in the day i purchased a copy of windows xp over with no issues, but still, i am skeptical. $75 for windows 7 ultimate is a hell of a deal.
  6. Don't think I would trust it -- all of the positive feedback showing is imported from another site -- they've only been a member of that site for a 23 days and have 6 items up for sale all with the same ending time and no sales on the site so far (yet they supposedly have a +2352 positive rating with no negative feedback -- seems a bit suspicious to say the least) -- plus the price seems a bit low for a full version that they have 12 copies of.
  7. yeah, i think i'll avoid the ebid sellers. better safe than sorry.

    area51reopened, i've seen that item on newegg already, and the only reason i'm hesitant to buy it is because it seems to only allow one install. while i'm going to use my old hard drive for the time being, i also plan to buy a new hard drive when fund permit, and i don't want to spend another $100 on a new OEM disk. with the OEM version of Windows 7, can i install on multiple hard drives?
  8. As long as you reinstall Windows 7 OEM on the same computer, it doesn't matter.
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    The OEM versions can be installed numerous times to the same computer -- so changing HDDs, SSDs, etc. would not present a problem -- BUT the license is Tied to the MOBO that it is initially installed to so if you plan to upgrade the MOBO Often or upgrading the entire system including a MOBO upgrade then the OEM version is probably not the way to go.

    IS the XP install still bootable on the current system ? (ie. has it been activated) -- IF it is and you can boot into XP on the Old system you could use the Magical Jellybean Keyfinder (a fairly well known windows keyfinder program that will recover the product key from an installed OS - The Free version is all you need to get your Windows product key !) -- Then once you have the Key written down you could purchase an Upgrade copy of win7 and use the custom install selection to Format the HDD and do a clean Install using the Upgrade version - which after activation becomes a retail License of win7 so can be moved to another system just like the Full retail version. Just keep the product key from XP in case you ever have activation problems so when you call MS to activate it you have the key from both the Upgrade disk and the key from the required older product that was used to upgrade (As long as you have both MS will activate the install)

    Here is a 5 step guide from Microsoft explaining how to upgrade from XP to win7 using the Upgrade media

    While the Upgrade version is $10 more than the OEM version the advantage is the resulting License is the same as a full Retail license and so is not tied to any specific MOBO !
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