Gigabytes MA785GMT-UD2H windows 7 very slow installation

Hi, I have a Gigabytes MA785GMT-UD2H board and am trying to install Windows 7. It takes hours just to get to the country screen so I think there is some hardware / BIOS conflict. Does anyone have any suggestions for BIOS settings?

I have disabled the floppy as someone suggested on another post but that didn't help.
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  1. On further investigation this seems to be to do with the SATA drive - when installing on an IDE drive it works just fine

    Any suggestions?
  2. What mode did you have the Sata controller set for?
    There are three possible choices Ide, Achi, Raid.
    Suggest Ide mode and make sure drive is empty.
    Try another Sata cable, many Gigabyte boards have 2 controllers for Sata, The SB750 and a Jmicron.
  3. disabl all legacy USB and floppy drives
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