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I just got my 2nd 4890 and was all syked for awesome 60+ crysis fps, and now im about to throw my *** in a dumpster.. these cards work worse in crossfire than alone!! just sitting on the beach lookin at the horizon in crysis i get 90+fps with each card alone, but hook em up together and i get 70-73 WTF ive tried everything, switched and switch used one bridge and 2 bridges someone please help me!!!
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  1. If i run crysis, and watch the gpu activity, only one card is doing all the work, though it seems both cards are working, as they work alone.
  2. can we get more specs on your rig?
  3. Specs please. Especially PSU and mobo.

    (I hope this case isn't like the one who tries to do crossfire in an asus sli deluxe mobo.)
  4. nope lol,
    Phenom II 955
    MSI 790fx-GD70
    psu is a kingwin 750w modular
    2 diamond xoc 4890's
    150gb raptor
    640gb WD
  5. OMFG! Doing CF with that crappy PSU is a no-no. Get a better one like a 750tx.
  6. lol, wanna buy a nice modular PSU??
  7. yeah im lookin at it right now actually its in my cart rofl, you think that would cause bluescreens too?
  8. im pretty sure it would, cuz this didnt happen till i was using my 2nd 4890 and it only happens when they're being used and the PSU does get quite hot.
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    BSOD happens because your crappy PSU can't handle the load of 2 4890s. Good for you that it didn't explode at all.
  10. lol, tyvm new one in the mail and this ones on ebay
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