Cooler master sickle flow, is it worth it?

Hey, Im currently waiting to order the very last part of my first and new build.

Ive been recommended scythe gentle typhoons for two intake fans, what i was wondering was, are coolermaster sickle flows quieter? it says the dba is lower, but i was wondering if theres much a difference in airflow also, not to mention the coolermasters are £4 cheaper, cheers :)
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  1. Keep Typhoons, are much better for CMF.
  2. Okay, you think if i make the two intakes gentle typhoons, will i also change the antec tri cool rear exhaust for a gentle typhoon too?

    will the typhoons move enough air to keep it cool?
  3. Yeah, the Typhoon are one of the best in the market
  4. would it be good to use the GTs with a fan controller? the higher RPM version though?
  5. Yeah, with not? When you are working in word or excel you don't need run the fans at full speed.
  6. also if i lower them so their quieter will there still be good enough air flow? guess ill find out if i buy the fan controller it has heat sensors.

    EDIT: Just seen, the coolermaster sickle flow goes at 2000rpm and has a higher CFM than the GT 1450,
    I want an LED fan really bad so if i was to slow the fan speed on the coolermaster down a little think itll be as quiet ad the GT 1450 but as good?
  7. Yeah, but the CMSF runs at 19DBa so if i just reduce it a little it'll be silent right? its cheaper also so if i got them id be able to afford a fan controller?
  8. Currently have sickleflows, have no issues with them,they running@1200rpms and you cant hear them, and cooling is very good even at 2000 rpms you just hear a slight wiz compare to the antec tri speeds i had that was noisy.cant comment on the typhoons havent used those before
  9. Cheers, do you use a fan controller with the sickleflows? :)
  10. yes i do
  11. cpu never sees 50 degrees gpu dont even come close to 55 either even while overclocked
  12. Is the software good? free?
    would it be better than getting a fan controller thats not software?
  13. would also depend on your airflow in your personally,i prefer a fan controller to software based,reason is its instant,gpu is different tho,msi after burner does a good job controlling fan speeds if you set it up according to your prefferences
  14. Well ill be having 2 intake sickle flows, the top will be a 140mm antec tri cool, thinking about swapping it for something, not sure, and a sickleflow exhaust, coolermaster hyper 212 cpu cooler and my gpu is an xfx 6870 BE with dual fans, so i guess i wont really know until i fully complete my build, its a hard decision, dunno wether i should get a fan controller or software, all though i was thinking of getting the NXZT 2 but apparently that has compatability issues with sickleflows
  15. Leave the controller for now then,can always get it afterwards if you not happy with bios settings
  16. Okay, is it easy enough to control the fan speeds with MSI afterburner?
  17. only for your graphics card yes,not your system fans tho
  18. TomProx said:
    Yeah, but the CMSF runs at 19DBa so if i just reduce it a little it'll be silent right? its cheaper also so if i got them id be able to afford a fan controller?

    Isn't 19 DBa ambient sound?
  19. Ill have to get a fan controller then, i wanna control my case fans, im not sure if its ambient sound?
  20. the cooler master fans i own(came with my case) are the quietest fans ive ever heard. i dont hear them, i do however hear my after market fans like none other. i had to buy a fan controller to run those down.
  21. Is your after market ones coolermaster sickle flows too? or something else?
  22. they are something else. reading some of the posts, it said the sickle flows are 19dba, i know my case fans ( the CM ones) are rated at 19 dba.

    my after market fans are some no name brand just called "quad LED 120MM fan"
    They move tons of air, but they are loud at 100%. They came in a maroon box, with some green flame looking guy carrying a blue cpu case.

    i have never been set on dba noise. if you look on newegg, some fans rated lower than 19dba have owners talking about how loud it is and blah blah. So i guess 1, dba is relevant to background noise. i have a tv, on my desk, and i sit in front of my AC unit. that being said though, if my cooler master case fans are infact 19dba, they are the quietest fans ive heard( or havent)
  23. Awesome, do you know if they can be fan controlled? just incase im downloading or what not while sleeping?
  24. all of my case fans are hooked up to a fan controller.

    my link didnt work, but i am using the nxzt? "sentry fan controller"

    i like this one, its touch screen, looks cool. some of the reviews said it had fan compatibility issues. My cooler master fans, and my no name after market fans all work just fine. lowering the juice to a fan to slow it down it lowering the juice.. dont really know what these "compatibility" issues were all about.
  25. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

    Ive been reluctant to buy the NZXT sentry 2 because of all the negative compatability issues.

    Im definatly going to buy it because by the looks of it, its a great fan controller and i like the look of it and its pretty low in cost :)

  26. good luck :)
  27. Cheers :)
    Do they give good airflow btw?
    do they keep the temps low? :)
  28. which ones? the CM or the after market? the CM fans at 100% do not seem to move as much as these after market fans. at the time though, i was looking for the cheapest , highest CFM fans w/ free shipping i could find, lol... im cheap, cant lie.

    having now looked up this fan again, it runs at 39dba, no wonder the CM fans seem so much more quiet! if i run these fans on 60-70% i cant really hear them, if i run them at 100%, they hum and whine like no other. but, you can feel the air just bellowing out.
  29. just as long as 3 CM fans and a 140mm top fan ( deciding which to get ) can keep my case cool ill be happy :)
  30. I don't know how some guys here say the typhoons are the best. Them suckers are loud. To me loud sucks. I don't want to hear the fans period. Get a Noctua or the Coolermaster sickle fans (if you turn them down, full speed they are loud). Loud does not equate to Better.
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