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I am rebuilding an old gateway computer and it has the old mars style motherboard. The I/O plate is fixed so i have to use the same board layout. Can you point me in the direction of a source to purchase Mars style boards that support the latest processors.
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  1. If you don't find a motherboard that fits, get an antec 300 case for $49.99 shipped at It will work with almost any motherboard. Just transfer over any stuff you want to reuse. But replace the power supply for sure. You'll need the newer connectors and more juice to run a newer board and cpu. I recommend antec, corsair, pc power and cooling, enermax, seasonic, or ocz. All are quality brands. 500-750 watts is recommended, depending on your system specs and video card.
  2. "MARS" is ad-speak for Foxconn. You'd have to find a replacement motherboard the the identical i/o ports on the back.

    Or replace the case also like o1die suggested.
  3. Thanks, I was hoping to reuse the case but i think I am going to have todo a complete overhaul.
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