Cant pass 290 fsb with P35C-DS3R

Hi, i have a problem with the Gigabyte P35C-DS3R motherboard

I have seen several people getting 8x400 from their E4500 CPU with this mobo, but i cant go any higher than 290 fsb, tried everything, memory is running with multiplier of 2x (800 Mhz, its original frequency) when i try 400

Its a revision 1.1 board, have anyone seen something like this? I think theres something wrong with the board, i already updated the BIOS to F12 (latest)
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  1. How do you know that it isn't the CPU? Did you test it in another motherboard? Yours might require more voltage to achieve a given overclock, etc. Intel guarantees the CPU will work at its rated speed, but unfortunately you can't RMA it because it won't overclock as much as you'd like.
  2. Well, look a that point of view:

    It can run at 11x290 but it cant run at 8x400

    Its not the same thing for the CPU? I mean...i have seen lots of people saying their P35 motherboard achieve 450 fsb with ease

    Im just after this because im considering buying one Q9550, but this cpu have a low multiplier, to overclock it i would need a high fsb, but if this mobo cant reach at least 420 fsb i dont think the upgrade will be worth
  3. A couple years ago I assembled a system with an E4300 and 290 FSB was all that I could reach. It's been running like that since it was new. Have you tried to lower the frequency of the memory? You posted what CPU and motherboard you have, but memory (DDR2 or DDR3) could also cause that issue. The fact that you can't exceed a 290 FSB with the E4500 doesn't mean that you won't be able to overclock a Q9550.
  4. I have a kingston value ddr2-800, but i dont exceed its limits, im running it at 800 Mhz (controlled through memory multiplier)

    Now i was able to run at 325 fsb, but got the multiplier down from 11 to 10x
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