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Xp pro without product key

Myself and friends have systems with pre-installed windows Xp Pro.
So come time to re format the drive we have the attached product key but no disc for us to install operating system .
i have tried using my windows discs but the install will only accept the key that came with that disc.
I do have a xp Home disc that allows any key to be input but not xp Pro.
Is there a xp pro disc that i can use to allow any legal product key.?
Thanks in advance,
Steve H.
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  1. Chances are, being a pre-made system, you have an OEM version of Windows. That version of Windows is forever bound to that one computer. The only way around this is to buy either another disk (the retail version does not have the restrictions the OEM version does) or a new computer.

    Edit: Another method is to find that original disk which contains the product key.
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    First, there is no such thing as a "any legal product key." There is a legal key to a single install of Xp, both Home Edition and Pro versions.

    The sticker on the bottom of your computer is the license key to the Operating System that was installed at the time it was built.

    If you have a Retail version of XP Pro, the OEM key on the bottom of your computer will not allow it's installation.

    You need to purchase a new OEM copy of Xp Pro or Retail.

    You may be able to locate a set of rescue disk for your particular computer make and model online as there are a few companies that still have them for sale.
  3. Alrighty then !

    Thankyou good people for your quick response.

    Looks like i will be off to do some shopping.
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