Bios update without a floppy

I want to make a BIOS update for an Abit IP35P and I don't have a floppy disk. I made a bootable USB stick with UnetBootin and then I coppied the necessary files for the update on the stick
I booted from the stick but unfortunately I can't see the Bios files.If i write any command like awdflash I always get bad command or file name.
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  1. Type : dir using the drive letter assigned to your usb drive. Then you'll get a list of files. Try each one until the bios file loads. Be sure to disable "boot block" in your abit bios before trying to flash. Be sure to let it finish completely. It will tell you when to reboot or do it automatically when it's done.
  2. I have only 2 drives, A and B. When I type dir in drive A it shows only system files and in drive b gives me an error or something like this
  3. If a bootable flash drive doesn't work, how about making a bootable CD?

    I have several desktop and notebook computers. I bought a USB floppy drive about 4 years ago. Any more, that's pretty much what I use it for.
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