Just thought I would share my experience with my new build... for some reason I decided that it was OK to skimp on the memory (probably because I have used Wintec before) when I went not overboard but def higher end for most of my build.

Machine specs are...
Asus P6X58D Premium
i7 920
Wintec 3x2gb DDR3 1600 8-8-8
Saphire 4870 (or 4860 I can't remember)
Enermax 720 Modular PSU

The Wintec is a nightmare... stock out of the box it runs at 1.5v 1066 somewhat stable. Anything beyond that is absolutely rediculous. FYI I read reviews on Newegg that state the same thing I am complaining about. Strangely when I purchased the memory there was only 1 positive review (no negatives)... now there are 10 reviews with about half saying what I am. Also I ordered the same item/model number under a now "deactivated" page and the other one just recently popped up. Newegg is running some sort of backwards thing there.

Well regardless at 1600 1.64 and 1.66 8-8-8 I get BSOD, occasional hang and ALWAYS hang at wake up (which I had to disable).
At 1333 it hung at boot... with voltage and timing set to auto. (how is it that lower frequency is less stable?)
At 1066 which is the only passable state it will run ok EXCEPT hanging at sleep mode wakeup...

Now the sleep mode thing technically could be another conflict but I really doubt it. I am also getting a hang at certain restarts... it is possible that a part of this is the motherboard BUT I haven't heard one person with a complaint about any hanging on this model (and I have the newest BIOS update).

Here is where newegg really screws you... there policy as most of you know... is replacement (no substitution) or refund... refund will cost ME $20 for a product that constantly is shown not to perform as it is advertised. This is not one bad instance but a history of instances. I really can't see eating $20 for a defective product line. On top of that I did a lot of research and never came across the current newegg listing that shows reviews from several months ago on their site... it was definitely pulled and then reinstated after I received my item... just to show you what I mean here is the link from my order page of what I actually used to purchase my ram (the one above is what you see now)...

I know a lot of this is just ranting but I just wanted to warn people to stay clear of this particular Wintec product. For the record I used previous Wintec ram solutions in a dual core build that has worked flawlessly. Their customer support line is a joke though. It goes to a voicemail instead of a person. What are the chances I would ever get someone on the line?
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  1. Same problem here. I didn't bother with Newegg as it's not in Newegg's interest to help you. I just contacted the manufacturer Wintec and after dealing with tech support and an RMA I paid ~$6 to ship it back with USPS, insured and tracked. A week later Wintec sent me replacement RAM that works well. They must have had a bad batch, but they do have good customer service.
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