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How could I use a sound card with my macbook if it doesn't has the SD port? can I get some adaptor to use a sound card with a USB port?
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  1. They do make USB powered Sound cards. Whats wrong with the one in your macbook and or what are you trying to do?
  2. Your MacBook has a built in audio codec, any specific reason you need an external one?
    Also, see newegg's USB Soundcard section.
  3. Hi thank you for your response. What I'm trying to do is to do home recording with my macbook, I already have the computer I know this one probably won't be enough engine for my purposes, my idea is to get apogee duet, logic pro, install the a sound card to my macbook, and get monitor speakers, I could get a macbook pro later but not now. Do you think my macbook is not a good one to do the job? Macbooks dont have SD port.That's the reason I want to know how I could plug a sound card to the USB port.
    I'm going to be recording rock songs, I mean getting the sound from microphones, what;s your recommendation if I do want good recording quality sound?
  4. The sound card I have in mind is the UAD-2 solo/laptop, am I in the right track?

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