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I've been searching for the right lcd monitor size 23 or 24". As of now im thinking of buying a:
-samsung p2370hd
-samsung sm2333hd
-samsung T240hd
-lg m227wdpz
One of my main concerns is to be able to have a PIP option where I can watch tv, cnbc, while i daytrade. if the t240hd has this option do you think this is the right choice having that extra inch. Haven't been able to find PIP specs anywhere.
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  1. I too am looking for a monitor with PIP. I also daytrade and like to watch the tube while staring at the screen all day.

    I think I have settled on the Dell U2410. Check it out, really good reviews and PIP/POP!
  2. the gateway HD2200 that i use has excellent PiP controls. you can overlay a semi-translucent opaque (adjustable) PiP, increase it's size, and choose which corner you prefer to have it.
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