Expensive CPU Cooler and High Temperatures

Ive build three computers with top of the line heatsinks and great airflow cases. Why cant I get the temps that other people are reporting. Every professional that does reviews for Websites or Youtube gets incredibly low temperatures. Its so discouraging.

I live in California and its 26c outside. Im getting 40, 36, 40, 36 using a Noctua NH-U12P on a stock i7 920.

My previous E8500 build was also getting the higher temps. I reseated the heatsink on my E8500 many times but that didnt do a thing so Im not even going to bother reseating my i7 heatsink.
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  1. check the voltages it might be too programmed to be too high which is cuasing higher temps

    anyway those are normal temps for both CPUs
  2. idle is not the problem grasshopper, the problem is load
  3. load is even worse. i get 80c load when my i7 is clocked to 3.8ghz. its stable but i know 80c is not what i should be expecting.
  4. What thermal compound are you using and how much?
    Have you re-seated the cooler(s) to see if they are not fitted perfectly?
  5. Honestly, i7's run hot - I'm not at all surprised you see 80C load at 3.8GHz. Mine gets up to 82C full load at 4.2GHz with a TRUE and a pretty high speed fan.
  6. xactly, 130w is 130w
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