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I recently built a new computer. It has an AMD 965, MSI 790FX GD70 and 4GB of OCZ reaper ram. The ram I bought is 1600. But i just realized it only running at 530. Could someone help me get my frequencies to 1600?
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  1. How are you reading what your RAM is running at? There's a good chance what your seeing is just reporting it differently from what you expect. For example, CPU-Z on my 1600 RAM reports my DRAM frequncy at ~800 MHz. I multiply that by 2 to get the value that RAM manufacturers promote, 1600.

    DDR stands for double data rate. DDR/DDR2/DDR3 memory works by doubling the memory speed to get to its true speed. Therefore, if CPU-Z reports a memory speed/frequency of 530MHz, you have to double it to find out what its real speed is: ~1066.

    You will have to manually set the values for your RAM in BIOS. Based on what I've read about your board, anything over 1333 is an overclock for the IMC.
  2. I got a similar question...(it involves CPU-Z and Memory Freq)

    I recently changed my mainboard(Gigabyte EP43-UD3L) but I am still using my 4 good old DDR2 DIMMs(Kingston KHX PC6400D2/1GB each). The problem is I don't know whats the Frequency my Memory is operating at...

    As Kingston states :
    KHX PC6400 is able to operate at 667MHz when voltage is set to 1.8V OR KHX PC6400 is able to operate at 800MHz when voltage is set to 2.0V(this is what is recommended by the manufacturer). Another thing is that Kingston recommends memory modules like mine for the Gigabyte EP43-UD3L mainboard (so incompatibility seems not to be a problem).

    CPU-Z reports that:
    My memory is working at 400MHz(does that means 400MHz x 2 = 800MHz?). Another weird thing is that CPU-Z reports that My memory is Kingston PC5300. This may be correct since when I set voltage to 1.8V the DIMMs operate like a PC5300(at 667MHz). The FSB:DRAM ratio is 5:6 (given that my FSB is 333MHz x 8.0 = 1.333MHz). The most weird of all is that Easy Tune 6(Gigabyte's utility to easily overclock CPU, mem etc etc) reports that my memory is operating at 400MHz.

    My settings :
    Of course I 've done all I know to set the memory to 800MHz. I 've set memory voltage(2.0V) and speed multiplier(2.4) according to my FSB speed.

    The problem is that I am so confused and I really dunno the frequency that my mem-modules are operating. Is CPU-Z reporting(its own way) the correct speed as ekoostik posted above? Is my memory "under-clocked" for some reason? Why Gigabyte's utility reports the same as CPU-Z?

    This may be just my problem cause I 'am not that familiar with such details(if memory frq is doubled and mine is 400 x 2 = 800MHz) but at least Gigabyte's utility should mention such details just to avoid misunderstanding from its customers.
  3. I 've found it :

    1) CPU-Z reports memory's actual speed which must be multiplied by 2 since its DDR. (ekoostik was right! THX).

    2) CPU-Z may report memory module type wrong(PC5300 instead of PC6400 in my case) if the correct timings(according to some table CPU-Z has) aren't given at the standard voltage(...or are given at a voltage higher than the standard).

    That saved me of much frustration!
  4. Good work finding the answer. If there's a specific article or page where that answer can be seen, consider posting a link to it so other who stumble in here with the same problem can learn from it.
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