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Moving from a p4 3.2gh, 3gbRam....looking for something faster that wont obsoltete so fast....considering spending the money on a COre i-7 920 w/ 6gb ddr3 Ram and ????Video Card???, with 500GB HD.... I do not use it more then some multi tasking and a lot of internet usage.....highspeed. Not a big gamer, but my son is 12 and he may begin gaming high tech besides the ps3,XB360, and such later, so I want minor expansion without complete obsolte of this system. When I bought this it was the cream of the crop, then they went dual core quick, then to nehalem-4 core quicker, making my stuff out dated fast!.... Iam considering just going with a 32 bit OS windows 7, not a 64 bit since nothing works with it....I am not computer savy, so any remarks would help me decide...also have shopped my butt off who to go with...heard some horror storys of cyberpower pc....but have looked at the to stay under 2k...

I have a ton of dell;'s but they are overpriced
And they bought out Alienware.
SOme of the others I have looked at are to gamey and pricey..

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  1. Can no one offer any help with this???
  2. For your uses, an i7 is overkill. Get an i5 750 or an AMD phenom II X4 like the 945 or if you would like to save some more an Athlon II 620, all 3 are quad cores and with daily multitasking you wont notice the difference, it only shows itself in video and photo editing mostly. For your current uses an AMD 945 or Athlon II 620 with a 785g or 790GX chipset would provide you with plenty of processing power and sufficient graphics power for day to day uses. If you want to venture into gaming you can get a discrete card then, but there is no point in getting one now because a $150 card now will give you less performance than a $60 card in a few years.

    Definitely get windows 7 64-bit. I dont know where you heard that nothing works with it because that is not true. I am running it on this machine now and have encountered no compatibility issues.

    Are you comfortable building it yourself? It will save you quite a bit and provide you better control over the parts if you do.

    Edit: stumbled across the HP, it should be sufficient for your needs and should be easily upgradable for the future.
  3. :cry: No I am not ready to build my own... Heard it is easy and hav ea friend who says he can do it, but would rather have some warranty for the down fall of the economy..I have alway bought the biggest baddest thing I could in computers the difference between an i-5 system and an I--7 with trimmings is less the 500bucks. why not if Ihasve the money now go big andprepare for the new technologies destined to come you say 64 Bit is ok,,,,can you say I would save a TON of money going i5 over I7?? I wnat a fast system...and will only disappoint myself with anything slow, even though I am not really gaming on it!
  4. if you spend $600 on a new system every year, after 3 years you will have spent $1800 and have a faster system than if you had spent that $1800 on the first system.

    What do you use the system for? If you are just browsing the internet and playing some flash games an athlon II 620 is plenty. If you want your computer to be like a status symbol then you are going to need to get it from one of the custom places, but once you go there you will pay an even larger premium but you will get quality parts.
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