Two EN8800GTX with Arctic Cooling Accelero EXtreme 8800


I have two ASUS EN8800GTX with Arctic cooler, i am wondering which of the latest motherboards can support them both with their coolers, also is it possible to use a triple SLI motherboard and use the 1st and the third only as a solution

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  1. My 680i board uses slots 1 and 3 for SLi, I'm not sure about the 780i/790i's but it might work with them also.
  2. 790I FTW

    your gonna have DDR3 and youll be ready for a jump to I7 I5 !
  3. What you have to consider is the bottom PCI-E slot and Case Size, I am running the same set up with an ASUS P5NT-WS board, basically a 680i chipset board. This was a replacement board for a P5N32 SLI SE DELUXE, while I was waiting for the RMA, I got the Artic cooling, and then when i got the board, I found the bottom GPU hit the bottom of the case, I had a NZXT Hush case (psu on top). I had to get a bigger case with the PSU on the bottom, a Nzxt Tempest. Basically the coolers add about .5 inch to the GPU. Hope this helps.
  4. since i just bought a month ago the GIGABYTE SUMO 5115 case that supports ATX, extended ATX and CEB, replacing the case is not easy for me, also i want to upgrade to i7, so the 790i does not support i7, I am thinking of the EVGA 141-BL-E760-A1 Intel X58 Classified but i also need to have more brands of similar configuration for compassion, each 8800 consumes three slots, so either i find boards that supports dual SLI (also triple for the long run) with 1st and 4th slot or even 5th slot but with an SLI supporting connector at the same time the 2nd vga dont get stuck at the end of the case, the only board that fits this was the EVGA, so if you know other boards pls do let me know
  5. If your case supports eATX and the PSU is on the bottom, you should not have any issues with the second PCIe slot. I am sorry, if I seem to suggest you get another case, that is what I had to do, but in actually, I am scraping my orginal idea. I just got a 9800GTX+ for my Current PC, after my PNY 8800GTX died, so I am cancelling my SLI set up and going with a whole new setup, XFX 750i, 9800GTX+ in SLI. Too bad, I spend the money on the Artic cooling, but I am keeping them as back up and running one on D975XBX Board.
  6. This is my main machine it has a P5N-T Deluxe with three x16 slots with a 9800gt and a AC pro in a Thermaltake Armor case.
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