Current State of USB / SATA 3 on mobos

I had a couple questions, one broad and one specific.

1.) I've seen people saying on here they're waiting for "native sata 3" to make future purchases. What exactly is the difference between the current usb / sata 3 setups and "native"?

2.) The first actually might tie into the second. I bought a gigabyte board with SATA 3, but when I go into the bios, I see no option for doing onboard raid. On the box, it says it's capable of "4x speed via RAID 0". Is there something I'm missing, or is this just misleading / misread advertisement? If there is no current capability of onboard sata 3 raid, can that be added later on with firmware or is it strictly a hardware solution?
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  1. Windows 7 won't have "native" USB 3 support until SP1, expected this fall. From a hardware standpoint w/ the P55 chipset, under current implementations, USB 3 steals its bandwidth from PCI-E lanes

    Might want to read this.,2490.html
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