Which motherboard I need to get for ATI HD4870X2 Graphic card

which motherboard I need to get for ATI HD4870X2 Graphic card, something that runs it without any issues. crossfire isnt a must but considered. I am in UK
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  1. any mobo that has at least 1xPCI-e slot where you could plug the card.

    mobo of choice depends on the cpu.
  2. Right^ HD 4870X2 needs a one PCI-E 16x slot,so u can go for motherboard which don't support multiGPU too(i know u need but i mean it generally).
    Do u need an Intel or AMD motherboard?
  3. It depends if you are going to crossfire later.

    If you are ot going to crossfire later, then you can get any board with a pci-e x16 (preferably pci-e 2.0) slot.
    If you are, then get a MB that chitset supports crossfire.
  4. Well, I have a Gigabyte HD4870X2 in a Gigabyte GA-X48DQ6 motherboard for a year now, works perfect and cool, haven't try crossfire since I don't need more power for gamming, at least for now lol
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