Please, help me to choose best mother board for my platform (100-170$)

Hello, i'm gonna buy a new pc in several days. i've already decided what GPU's and CPU's i'm gonna take but i can't choose the final decision beacuse of some problems with my budget. Please, help me to choose the best MoBo for its price for each platform:
AMD (phenom II x4 965 or 945)
1)without the support of crossfire (ATI radeon 5850 and it think it will be my final dicision)
2)with the support of crossfire (2 radeon 4890 graphic cards)

Intel (i5-750)
1)without the support of sli (gtx 275 maybe)
2)with the support of sli (2 nvidia gtx 260)

I'm not in the uk but i checked the prices on ebay in america and in the uk and it's pretty close to prices in my country (GigaByte P55-UD4 for 180$ for example). approximate budget is about 100-170$ and of course the cheaper - the better, but the quality is nomber 1 priority.
thank you very much!
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  1. if you're on a tight budget, like most of us!
    then try to look for a different motherboard that you can afford..
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