Dual memory for x58? or triple a must?

hello all... fragalistic posted his extreme satsifaction with a set of 1600 ddr3 from muskin. 2 x 2gb modules. My question is, if im gonna run a evga sli x58 can i run 3 dual channels to 12gb or do i have to use triple channel memory 6 x 2bg for 12. sorry im a noob and cant find the answer searching for that specific question. thanks in advance for any help.
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  1. 6 identical modules will run in triple channel mode, no matter how you buy them.
  2. just for my info, if i do install 3 dimms they must be triple channel? not that i would just wondering. so if i buy any duals as long as i get 2-4 or 6 im fine. but if i buy say 6gb in 3 dimms they must be triple channel. thnx ghis
  3. If you install a single module, then it will run in single channel mode, two will run in dual channel mode and three in triple channel mode. Two and four in the correct slots (check your manual) will run in dual channel mode and six will run in triple channel mode. The performance difference between dual and triple channel is negligible.
  4. The ram itself is not single/dual/ or triple channel. That type of operation comes from how many sticks you have, and how many channels(slots) on the motherboard you fill.
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