Hd4870x2 or intel core i7 Low perfomance

Hello , i have graphic card hd4870x2 with intel core i7 920 2.67ghz and 4gb ram and windows vista home premium 32bit . the problem is bad perfomance when i run fallout 3 at 1680x1050 and no aa//af it laggs and have bad perfomance and too in arma 2 and stalker clear sky and call of duty 5 . the temperature of my graphic card nad procesor are good , procesor has maximum bei playing fallout 55-65 temperature and graphic card 68 . pls can you help me with this problem . i have a 9.7 drivers now // Sorry for my bad english and thanks for help me
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  1. no i have catalyst ai Standart no advanced
  2. your CPU temps and GPU temps are fine.

    try rolling back to 9.6 catalyst.
  3. wow nice man it get better fps than when i have catalyst ai disablen ( no) i have better fps but its not good , i may have better fps than when i have disabled ai (no)
    but in farcry 2 i have small fps and in too games too . and why i have go back to 9.6 cat pls
  4. ^ some people find 9.6 better than 9.7
  5. but when i enabled in fallout 15xAf and 8xAA it laggs aw , with enabling catalyst ai :((
  6. whats the problem // my graphic card may have run falolout 3 better
  7. ^ ATi cards can't really run games at 8xAA, try 4xAA and you'll have a far higher fps.
  8. hmm but i see test with my rig and they run fallout 3 at 8x aa 15xaf and 1680x1050 very good
  9. and the problem is when i in fallout 3 go sleep ( Cat Ai enabled ) 3 hours and wake up its going good but when i in fallout 3 go slepp (Cat ai disabled ) and i wake up it laggs aw very lags
  10. but disabling crosfire doesnt help me with better fps in most games and with enabled it laggs , what have i gonna do ?
  11. so gta4 i play at 1280x1024 and all low and i have got bettween 30-40fps , farcry 2 - 1680x1050 ultra hard 4xAA and i get 20-30 fps and in arma ( like gta4) :( no good perfomance
  12. but its not in perfomance iv got 9.6 and 9.5 and ... and too same perfomance
  13. Quote:
    Hmm, on second thoughts something isn't right.

    Far cry 2 same settings I get

    * Average Framerate: 54.41
    * Max. Framerate: 84.19
    * Min. Framerate: 37.60

    Hmm, perhaps try reinstalling or rolling back the drivers althouh 9.7's work fine for me.

    i get my benchmarks here wait ok?
  14. * Total Frames: 3461, Total Time: 51,00s
    * Average Framerate: 67,86
    * Max. Framerate: 106,67 (Frame:490, 6,04s)
    * Min. Framerate: 41,29 (Frame:1, 0,05s)
    1680x1050 ,dx10,crosfire enabled ,4xAA all ultra high
  15. but gta 4 and arma 2 is worth
  16. Strange. May i ask what power supply do you have?
  17. Enermax 625w
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