Asus M4A785TD-V Evo Problems

Problem one:Cannot change cpu voltage
Problem two:Cannot change command rate therefore making my 2t ram unstable @1t
Problem three:Either the front audio port or the motherboard audio header doesn't work(case Antec 300)
Number Two is top priority since games freeze when I turn around quickly.Bios is 512. Cpu is Phenom II 545 x2 unlocked quad. Memory is g.skill ripjaws. Gtx 260 @ 666-1500-1000 c/s/m.DO NOT SAY UPDATE BIOS. BIOS IS ALREADY UPDATED.
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  1. Any help? :(
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    Try changing memory slots to 1-0-1-0 (every other bank). I have currently 2 x 2gb in 2T mode using that configuration and i have the same mobo. performance could be better tho..
  3. I am currently using the memory placements closer to the cpu, could this be the problem?
  4. Thanks it worked but took me 10 minutes to remove and almost half an hour installing the cpu cooler back on :(. Performance like you said could be inproved, atleast it's stable now thanks.
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  6. I kinda forgot this topic, but a little update. i had the same type of issues but i currently run my OCZ gold 1600mhz memory @ 1T, 8-8-8-24 with ~1.75v and its stable.

    my memory is in the B channel (the 2 slots closest to the cpu).

    The memory i got is labeled for 1.65v but i've found its better to give more voltage to them to get them to run stable. max i have tried is 1.8v.

    Try that and maybe you get it working properly too.
  7. Im currently having problems aswell and Im wondering if its because of my RAM? I have the Asus M4A785TD-V Evo with OCZ Gold Triple Channel kit PC3 12800 ram now Im running only two sticks (4gb total)in because I was told it would be better until I got the 4th kit I dont know if thats what the problem is or not? I wanted to ask someone who knew in regards to this but I've been getting the blue screen when I play games usually the error says "MEMORY_MANAGEMENT" Im completely lost on what I should do can someone help?
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  9. I have this same Mobo and have been through 4 different kits and 2 BIOS updates trying to get it to 8 gigs of RAM.. ASUS swears it is the RAM company's faults and they swear their RAM works with this Mobo..

    With how many people are complaining about problems with this Mobo I think Asus is the problem.. Will be using Gigabyte for my Mobo manufacturer from now on..
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