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Hi all, I just have a quick (probably stupid) question about a very low budget AMD build. So if I were to purchase this motherboard how would I install the necessary drivers (because I don't believe that the mobo comes with the driver disk). I have tried connecting to the internet before on computers without drivers installed (in order to download them) and have previously been unable to do so, so I'm wondering if that will be a problem in this situation. I already have all the necessary cables and whatnot that would otherwise come with the board also. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys!
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  1. Open Box items are retail items that have been previously shipped to a customer and then returned. The box "should" contain all the accessories that came in the original package, but often some items are missing.

    If the motherboard does not come with a Driver disk, you can always download the drivers from ASUS' web site and burn then to a CD or thumb drive prior to installation.

    -Wolf sends
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    Open box and OEM are 2 different things.
    You got on the internet to post this, why not download the drivers you will need and save them to a usb stick or burn them to a disc ?
    There's also the possibility that the disc will come with the board.

    Too slow
  3. Oh I didn't think of putting them on a flash drive. Duh. Thank you!
  4. :sarcastic:
    Second post of the day where someone is wondering how in the world do I get drivers for my motherboard.
    It's kind of like searching frantically for your sunglasses, only to discover you have them sitting on top of your head.
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