First WC Build!!

okay, so im looking to build a watercooling set up for my pc and i was wondering if this is gonna work..

im looking to cool and OC'd I7 940@ 4.0GHz, 3x GTX 470's, 9800GT and an EVGA X58 SLI LE Chipset.

so far i have EK blocks for the GTX 470s, X58 Chipset, and 9800GT. and a Danger Den CPU Block,
a swiftech 420 rad, and 220 rad. all bitspower 1/2in ID barbs, and primoflex 1/2in ID tubing.

i was hoping to us an all in one res/pump and i was researching the XSPC X2O 750 set up.

is this going to have enough power to do this all as a single loop??
am i going to loose pressure by the end if the loop?

any suggestions for an all in one unit??

this seems like the best piece ive found on the market place

also i was looking to make this my loop

res>pump>cpu>chipset>220 rad> 470>470>9800>470>420 rad>res

any help would be great!

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  1. I wouldn't say that the pump does not have enough power but in my opinion it's iffy. Why not the Liang D5? XSPC sells a duel bay for that, for that many components that would probably be safer. Also I would put it as pump res 220 CPU chipset 420 470 470 9800 470.
    IMO that provides more adequate cooling.

    Ps, again IMO, I would never bother to wc the chipset, if your case gets any airflow at all the chipset should be fine, and then that heat stays away from you intense components.
  2. Norton is right on the real reason to WC it unless you are going to be doing some moderate to heavy overclocking.

    I wouldn't really rely on the Rasa kit to push through all that...the kit is great...don't get me wrong, but for all that, you'll want a stronger pump and a lot more radiators than you think. What DD block is it? Can you link to it?

    Here is my question...why 3x 470's and a 9800GT? Consider that you will very likely be looking at a minimum of 2x120 worth of radiators per CPU and use that to do your math.
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