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Hi, I recently got a brilliant idea to upgrade the CPU on my mobo. I have a intel DG965RY, it had an intel pentium 4(640). I mistakenly thought a core2 duo e7600 would work in it. I found this out after it wouldn't come on once I installed it. Yeah, should have checked intel's site instead of just checking the socket/fsb ect.

Anyways, put the old CPU back in, plugged it all back up, hit the power button and nothing happened. Unplugged it opened it up checked all the connections, tried again. Still nothing. I've plugged the power supply into a tester and it's working, checked that the HD was getting power, all that fun stuff but nothing is happening.

I'm down to thinking I fried my MOBO. I even pulled the battery and let it sit and it still wont boot. Any ideas as to what I did and how to fix it?
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  1. If you think it's the board, now's a good time to upgrade. Many p45 boards are being discounted. My asrock was only $75.
  2. most likely murdered the board, pick up a p45 for under a $100 and put that core 2 in
  3. Why don't you buy a new p55 board and replace the core2 with a new corei5 processor from the retailer
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