Not able to overclock dell laptop with intel core i5

Hi friends. I am not able to overclock my dell laptop which is intel core i5 450m with an ati card. I just want to get more performance out of it. My laptop is having a very good cooler, so please do not bother about the temperatures. Also i tried to overclock it from bios but could not find the option. And i also tried some utilities like clockgen, setfsb, but nothing works. Clockgen and setfsb needs pll no. which i could not find. Please help me what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. No ... Not overclock laptop, it locked. And aren't recomend
  2. Usually factory pcs like dell Hp Acer Etc.....
    dont have a option to overclock them
    They dont want you to overclock your Laptop
    That why you cant Overclock Your Dell
    trust me i wanted to do the same thing
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