Suspected faulty power supply

Hi All

Dimension e520 tower, running XP pro.

Intermittently just keeps shutting down (actually windows doesnt shut down it just appears to lose power as if the lead was pulled out from the back) & reboots.

Did complete format of HD & OS install so assume this disounts virus?

Re-seated all power / sata connectors.

Motherboard lights come on when power lead attached.

So I'm thinking either, faulty power supply/hard drive/motherboard.

Dont have a replacement power supply handy to swap that out, so before I get hold of one, any thoughts about the best way to diagnose/possibly fix would be warmly appreciated.

If I need to get a new power supply do I have to get a Dell provided one or will generic ones suit this machine?

thanks, born2bl8
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  1. Generic ps will work fine with many dell models. I would just compare it to some photos at newegg to see if it's a special size. I recommend antec or ocz for quality and value. Are you using a separate video card? This will also effect your ps requirements.
  2. born,
    What is the system doing when this happens?
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