Help building a laptop (with an i5 540m)

So I want to build a laptop with an i5 540m processor.
I can't seem to find any barebone models with this, so I figured I could make my know, further the whole 'make your own' theme by actually making my own. I'll probably use carbon fiber to make the case (good idea?)

I'm not an expert, but I believe I'll need a mobo with the bios preloaded on it. That means the mobo I use will determine my screen's max resolution, Right?
We'll I'd like a 15-16'' screen w/ a resolution of around 1600x900 (no less than 900)

Where could I get a mobo that supports these features? I'm guessing i'd need to find a broken laptop, or do you think i'd be able to get a hold of one from somewhere?

Any advise is appreciated :)
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  1. does anybody even sell laptop mobo's
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