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I bought a Thermaltake Bach VC9321 SNS BTX chassis ( I didn't know that it was BTX ) and a ASUS M3N78 VM motherboard ( ATX ) can I somehow frame them up with some extension plate? If not maybe you could give me a tip on BTX motherboards (am3, at least 2 PCI slot, on-board video that can do The Third Generation Nvidia Pure Video HD) to buy, because I can exchange the motherboard.
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  1. It would be much easier to exchange the BTX case for an ATX case. AFIK BTX motherboards are not available from retail outlets. I couldn't find that case on Thermaltake's site.
  2. Yes I know, that its not on the official site, I think its an older model. It looks genuine to me, I try to exchange the chassis. Thanks for the advice.
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