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CPU Upgrade Advice Please Help!!!

I have a AMD Athlon XP3000+ ,2.17GHZ processor in my old Studio PC. I would like to upgrade it. What processor/s are suitable? According to the SiSoftware SANDRA it is upgradable- Socket slot A, Upgrade inerface socket 462, supported speed 3GHZ. Can I use a dual core Athlon? If so which? The PC is a dedicated recording studio computer running cubase SX3 and many VSTs and Midi with no internet connection. Please help/advise. Thanks in advance. :o
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  1. There's no dual core for socket a, and high end socket a cpus are scarce. Frys in stores only has 2 upgrades still on special today only for $70 or less; one amd and one Intel dual core. Newegg has a sempron .045 140 for $58 after rebate and email promo discount, but you have to register first to get on their email list. I get about 3 a week from the egg. Check for other combo specials; they had the Intel e5200 with g31 board for around $112 recently, but expect to pay more for ddr2 memory. Memory prices are rising. 2x2gb kits for $60 are getting scarce.
  2. I'd replace the computer thats an antique by todays standards.
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    The best solution would be just build a new box but if you want to take the risk overclock it because that might be as good as it gets for the socket.
  4. atleast replace the cpu and mobo combination... coz for that socket u won't get any new dual core processors...
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